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The History Of Kickin Music

Kickin Records was launched unofficially in 1988 and officially in April 1989 by founder and MD Peter Harris. Kickin Records was one of the pioneers of the Hardcore / Rave scene of the late 80's and the first label to release material from the likes of The Scientist, Shut Up And Dance, & Messiah (the latter signed to Def Jam co-founder Rick Rubin's American Recordings imprint in 1994 and collaborating with Ian Astbury of The Cult) and pioneering the careers of Grant Nelson, DJ Hype, Phil Asher, Matthew 'Bushwhacka' B, Dominic B (Stanton Warriors), Rennie Pilgrem.

Kickin Music Ltd. was formed later on as an umbrella company housing the Kickin Records, Slip 'n' Slide, Hardleaders, Stoned Asia, Slip 'n' Slide Blue labels and also the publishing arm in the form of Haripa Music Publishing in 1990. Other previous sub-labels were: Fragmented, Pandemonium and Basement 282.

The roster of successful artists releasing material on Kickin Music Ltd's associated labels reads like a who's who of dance music:

Ground-breaking releases from De'lacy 'Hideaway' (Top 5 UK sales charts, selling over 3.2 million copies & licensed to 37 territories worldwide!), Blaze 'My Beat' (licensed to Universal Music in 2001), Jonah 'Ssst... Listen' (licensed to Universal Music & Virgin in 2000), Amira 'My Desire' (Top 20 UK sales charts, licensed to Virgin & PIAS in 1998), Antoine Clamaran (licensed to 12 territories), King Britt, Josh Wink, DJ Hell, Kings of Tomorrow, Deep Dish, D'jamin, Aaron Carl, Plantastik (aka Bushwhacka!) Dharma (aka BT & John Selway), Morgan Geist, Capone, Lemon D, Grant Nelson, ATFC, & Lenny Fontana have all paved the way for the labels of Kickin Music to be the flourishing success that they are today.

Not to mention the enormous amount of ground-breaking albums that have been released over the years from Kickin Music including: The Jazz In The House series (the fore runner of releases from Hed Kandi & Compost and the like - now up to it's 12th edition!), Colin Dale's Outer Limits series, Juan Atkins Mastermix Vol. 1 (featuring 5 exclusive 'Mad' Mike Banks cuts), Techno Nations 1 & 2 (the first compilation outside Detroit to license an Underground Resistance release!), The Klubb Jazz series, Colin Favor's Techmix series, the Beats By Dope Demand series (the first to introduce the 'big beat' sound to the masses during the mid '90's)

There is also a wealth of remixes from the leading lights of all styles of dance music including Masters at Work, Roger Sanchez, Tim Deluxe, Ray Roc, Deep Dish, Victor Calderone, Bob Sinclar, Robbie Rivera, Mousse T, Derrick Carter, Boris D'lugosch, Dego (4 Hero), Joey Negro, Club 69, Orin Walters (Bugz In The Attic), Ashley Beedle, Knee Deep, K-Klass, Ewan Pearson, Phil Asher, Shimon, Spen & Karizma, 20:20 Vision, Hani, Oliver Klein... the list is almost endless!

Key Single Releases Key Album Releases
- Kickin Records -
The Exorcist 'The Scientist
Messiah 'There Is No Law'
Messiah 'Temple of Dreams'
DJ Hell 'Buttersaure'
Aaron Carl 'Dance Naked'
Blaze feat. Sybil 'When I Fall In Love'
Jonah 'Ssst... Listen' (UK Top 20)
Wash 'n' Go - A Night At Salvation
Juan Atkins Mastermix
Counter Culture 1& 2
Plantastik 'Wak'd'
New School Breaks
Colin Dale's Outer Limits 1& 2
French Fried Funk 1-4 series
Trance Central 1-10 series
- Slip 'N' Slide -
Roc & Kato 'Jungle Kisses'
Firefly feat Ursula Rucker 'Supernatural'
De'lacy 'Hideaway' (UK Top 5)
De'lacy 'That Look' (UK Top 20)
Deep Dish 'Come Back'
D'jamin 'Hindu Lover' & 'Open The Door'
Funky People 'Funky People'
Amira 'My Desire' (UK Top 20)
Antoine Clamaran 'Get Up' (UK Top 40)
Blaze 'My Beat','Do You Remember House', 'Breathe', 'I Think Of You'
Blaze 'Spiritually Speaking'
Klubb Jazz 1-5 compilation series
Jazz In The House 1-12 compilation series
Blaze 'Basic Blaze'
Blaze 'Many Colours Of Blaze'
Charles Dockins 'Blak Cuban's Chronicles of Love'
Slip 'n' Slide Ibiza 1-2 series
The Latin Connection
- Hardleaders -
Souljah (aka Lemon D) 'Fade 2 Black'
Decoder (aka Kosheen) 'Link'
Decoder 'Stash'
Capone (aka Dillinja) 'Tudor Rose', 'Japan', 'Friday'
Grooverider's Hardstep Selection
Jumpin' Jack Frost 'Fine Tuning'
Decoder 'Dissection'
Modern Living
Genetically Unmodified
Capone 'Original Master'
- Stoned Asia -
Icarus 'Touched The Sun'
Karunesh 'Punjab'
Stoned Asia 1-4 compilation series
Spy From Cairo 'An Eye On The World'
Cosmic Rocker 'Mirrors And Windows' World Peace
Pathaan's Small World
- Slip 'N' Slide Blue -
Star You Star Me 'Disco Dancer'
Deem C 'Floating (Ewan Pearson Mix)
Phil Asher Presents 'Now Hears The Future' Blueprints 1-3 series

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